Las Vegas, NV, September 8, 2015—RLS-CMC, Inc. successfully completed the DAS installation of another exemplary Las Vegas Hotel providing enhanced premium wireless coverage. The iconic hotel maintains an occupancy rate of nearly 100% on a year-round basis, which called for the installation to be complete while all rooms remained occupied. The RLS-CMC team was able to assess all possible impacts and put procedures in place to minimize the disruptions to the hotel’s guests. The completed DAS project will serve the hotel guests and provide an expanded network for the employees throughout the casino and guest’s rooms.

“Tremendous demand for wireless access is changing the way the hotel industry does business. This is exponentially true in major Las Vegas venues, where occupancy runs at full capacity year round. It is no longer uncommon for guests to arrive with multiple devices—phones laptops, and tablets--requiring network connectivity. Network usage is now a way of life for many American travelers," said Ron Enalen, Vice President of Operations and Executive Engineer of RLS-CMC, Inc.

"In order to meet and exceed the expectations of their guests, most mega resorts and high quality hotels are coordinating the installation of distributed antenna systems (DAS) even as operations continue. The operations team at the Hotel understood this and hired the best team in the business to retrofit their unique property. RLS-CMC was happy to oblige the needs of guests and hotel staff. The network was completed on-time and below budget.”

As smart phone trends and usage patterns increase RLS-CMC, Inc. will continue raising the bar in mobile experience. Hotel guests and tourists may not know that DAS is powering their network, but they do notice the reliable and consistent mobile Internet connection they have come to trust and rely on. RLS-CMC, Inc. made this innovation possible by implementing a variety of strategies to meet the unique needs their customers.

About RLS-CMC, Inc.

RLS-CMC, Inc. is a privately held company with expertise in Construction Management, Engineering and the design of complex building projects. RLS-CMC, Inc. specializes in large technical projects; including the delivery of both indoor and outdoor wireless networks. RLS-CMC, Inc. offers its clients technical services, project leadership, and strategy that maximizes buying power and delivery of projects on-time and on-budget. RLS-CMC, Inc. has deployed large wireless solutions for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Small Cells, and Wi-Fi networks in every major market in the United States. For more information on projects in these areas; Phoenix, Houston, Seattle, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Denver, San Diego and Los Angeles please visit RLS-CMC.com