Las Vegas, NV, September 6, 2015—RLS-CMC, Inc. has successfully completed the install of an Extenet Systems-owned and operated Distributed Antenna System (DAS) within another Las Vegas strip hotel. The DAS network will support multiple wireless carriers, and will extend coverage throughout the hotel's guest floors. Expensive existing finishes and ongoing hotel operations made for a challenging installation, the sort conducted exclusively by the industry’s top tier teams. Over the course of fifteen weeks, the RLS-CMC team was able to meet and exceed all expectations.

“I am proud of what RLS-CMC has accomplished. We were challenged to construct a robust wireless network for the use of the four major wireless carriers, as guests and staff required coverage over every square foot of the Hotel. We knew the network would have to be capable of uninterrupted service for no less than four hours in the event of a power outage, and that the installation of the network should be seamless and invisible to Hotel guests. This was challenging to do with the very high quality decorating, level five finishes, and the many architectural details in the hotel.

Our goals were to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders and provide a quality DAS. In all, we used eight highly qualified specialty contractors and our long term partner Taylor International Corp. to accomplish our goals. RLS-CMC finished the project on schedule and below budget. Our people will tell you, that at RLS-CMC we are never satisfied, we are always raising the bar,” explained Roger Sanchez, President of RLS-CMC, Inc.

The DAS installation project provided unique challenges and difficulties that are exclusive to luxury resorts. Due to year round occupancy rates of nearly 100%, the installation was completed while maintaining guest services. RLS-CMC implemented strategic policies to allow for a quieter install with minimal guest impact. These policies allow hotel type venues to continue generating income throughout the install processes.

This project has been completed with the goal of serving the property’s incoming high-end guests and the staff of nearly ten thousand. The Las Vegas Strip attracts nearly forty million visitors annually, including tourists and convention goers. With multiple telecommunications conventions held annually, Las Vegas has become extremely important to the DAS installation industry. Las Vegas is home to the Wireless Association’s Super Mobility 2015 convention, which will include over forty thousand professionals from all over the world over a three day time frame.

About RLS-CMC, Inc.

RLS-CMC, Inc. is a privately held company with expertise in Construction Management, Engineering and the design of complex building projects. RLS-CMC, Inc. specializes in large technical projects; including the delivery of both indoor and outdoor wireless networks. RLS-CMC, Inc. offers its clients technical services, project leadership, and strategy that maximizes buying power and delivery of projects on-time and on-budget. RLS-CMC, Inc. has deployed large wireless solutions for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Small Cells, and Wi-Fi networks in every major market in the United States. For more information on projects in these areas; Phoenix, Houston, Seattle, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Denver, San Diego and Los Angeles please visit RLS-CMC.com