Sacramento, CA

RLS-CMC, Inc. (RLS) is currently working on the deployment of nearly 100 outdoor nodes for multiple carriers in the Sacramento downtown and outlying areas.  A vast majority of these are being deployed on metal streetlights, which RLS is coordinating with the City of Sacramento and the local utility (SMUD) on. RLS has worked to develop standards which were previously not in place, and implemented them for future use.  RLS and the City of Sacramento surveyed each location together to determine point of service, circuit and breaker size, and associated lights on the circuit.  RLS has worked extensively with the City and Utility Engineers to determine the best course of action for deployment.  RLS has provided load summaries for each site, voltage drop calculations, and complete site surveys.  RLS is also performing all electrical work for these sites.  All associated lights on the circuits are retrofitted with photo cells, including decorative lamps, and nodes added to the city circuit.  In some cases, dedicated circuits have been running for the nodes themselves.  This project is ongoing and has been very successful to date.