Las Vegas, NV, September 9, 2015—RLS-CMC, Inc., a leader in construction management and owner’s representation, announced the completion of high-profile Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) within multiple hotels and resorts spanning the iconic Las Vegas strip. In an effort to increase guest satisfaction and stay ahead of competition, the leading hotels have separated themselves by installing DAS. The state-of-the-art networks will increase wireless capacity for all guests enhancing their overall experience at each property.

A DAS installation consists of multiple strategically-placed antennas that distribute wireless network coverage throughout the resort’s hotel, providing more efficient management of wireless capacity in heavily-trafficked areas. DAS installation is configured to deliver coverage and consistent performance throughout the venue and will allow wireless carriers to maximize the experience for the over 40 million travelers visiting each year.

“RLS-CMC, Inc. brings more than a decade of experience to managing, designing, and engineering DAS and Wi-Fi networks across the country. We’re proud to help our customers realize their vision of providing a superior connectivity experience to their guests,” said Kevin Chase, Project Manager of RLS-CMC, Inc. “The new DAS network provides additional capacity that will allow guests to effortlessly make calls, send videos, or search for the best local dining. The top hotels in Vegas realize the importance of keeping their guests connected and we have seen an increasing demand for DAS in these properties.”

The upgraded DAS network – installed and managed by RLS-CMC, Inc. – will deliver comprehensive wireless coverage to guests, ensuring they are able to stay connected during their visit to the Vegas valley. Las Vegas hosts some of the most important conventions in the world. The Consumer Electronics Association (CES) is an annual visitor with over 155,000 participants in attendance to take part in the unveiling of the newest technologies. Additionally, Las Vegas is home to the CTIA Super Mobility 2015 Convention, which is over 40,000 professionals from all over the world during September 9th-11th.

RLS-CMC, Inc. and partners will continue to collaborate on upgrades to ensure optimal network performance. RLS-CMC, Inc. is dedicated and invested in future plans to expand and enhance additional Las Vegas networks.

About RLS-CMC, Inc.

RLS-CMC, Inc. is a privately held company with expertise in Construction Management, Engineering and the design of complex building projects. RLS-CMC, Inc. specializes in large technical projects; including the delivery of both indoor and outdoor wireless networks. RLS-CMC, Inc. offers its clients technical services, project leadership, and strategy that maximizes buying power and delivery of projects on-time and on-budget. RLS-CMC, Inc. has deployed large wireless solutions for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Small Cells, and Wi-Fi networks in every major market in the United States. For more information on projects in these areas; Phoenix, Houston, Seattle, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Denver, San Diego and Los Angeles please visit RLS-CMC.com