Powering the Wireless World With Property Owners In Mind


RLS-CMC, Inc. is a wireless integrator specializing in the delivery of large-scale indoor and outdoor distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cell networks. With a team of seasoned professionals, the company focuses on lowering the cost for the property owner through leveraging partnerships while providing the highest standards and quality of work.

“Think of us as your project owner’s representative,” said Roger Sanchez, President of RLS-CMC. “We’re truly an extension of our client’s company, and we take that role very seriously.”

RLS-CMC offers project management, engineering and design, RF testing and commissioning, project funding, contract negotiations and much more. “We’re hyper-focused on pulling together all of the moving parts so that the property owner isn’t paying for redundancies amongst the many different vendor scopes of work,” said Kevin J. Chase, V.P. of Procurement for RLS-CMC. “Currently, we’re engaged in a large resort and casino project in Las Vegas, utilizing all of our core services to deliver the wireless infrastructure our client needs while alleviating stress by managing all phases of the project.”

When partnering with RLS-CMC, clients benefit from services from the initiation to closeout phase, including:

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Scope of Work
  • Budgeting/Scheduling
  • Construction
  • Testing
  • Closeout Package

RLS-CMC advocates for its clients. “We put ourselves in our client’s shoes and think from a property owner’s standpoint,” said Sanchez. “We consider costs, funding, futureproofing each project, and anticipating emergencies, both natural and man-made. Our priority is to eliminate the worries that come with a large-scale DAS project.”

Amid its current work to help with the rebrand of a Las Vegas casino and resort, RLS-CMC is undertaking all technology management and deployment to ensure the property can accommodate forthcoming needs. “We’re deploying nearly half a dozen different systems from public safety to room and guest experience technology,” said Chase. “You have to think, in the era of Coronavirus, no one wants to walk into a hotel room and touch a light switch or remote control. In the hospitality industry, we are seeing a larger need than ever, for the ability to control these items from your phone. This, combined with all of the additional needs of a property owner, requires a complex, converged network.”

Before setting foot on the property to implement wireless systems, RLS-CMC completes due diligence with the property owner. The company ensures the owners understand the available technology options, review cost-saving opportunities, identify unrealized revenue, and take proactive steps to eliminate ongoing construction.

“We consider every project a partnership, and we want to intimately understand the owner’s wants, needs, and vision for its end-users. Besides costs, we make sure properties are ready for LTE and 5G coming down the pike. We safeguard against a property needing to undergo construction in a few years to upgrade systems, adding cost and disruption to guests,” added Chase.

For this specific resort project, RLS-CMC is implementing a converged WiFi network, public safety, DAS, and rooftop cell towers. The company is also taking care of the cabling and running fiber into each guestroom. “We have the capabilities to build a network that can control everything within the resort, from room keys to light switches to internet and WiFi. To make all this possible, we need to manage many stakeholders,” explained Chase.

More stakeholders can mean more costs to a project, and that’s where RLS-CMC’s cost-savings know-how comes into play. “Within the resort project, we identified over-lapping fiber costs and took control of the process,” said Chase. “Since the entire facility needed fiber, RLS-CMC purchased the materials in bulk, mitigating duplicate costs to build a robust fiber backbone throughout the property with the evolution of technology in mind.”

RLS-CMC also acts as a property owner’s representative to ensure all third-party contracts are appropriately negotiated. “Many technology agreements with internet resellers and back haulers plus managed service providers are complex,” said Sanchez. “It’s our responsibility as the property owner’s representative to guide them through these contracts and help them make the best decision for their property.”

For the Las Vegas project, Sanchez’s company met with AHJ representatives to understand requirements at the local level to pinpoint what would generate the most revenue opportunities for the property.

“We provided a comprehensive plan for the property and worked as an extension of the owner to make it happen. RLS-CMC created an RFP to be distributed to third parties, and we managed the process end-to-end,” said Sanchez. “We presented both the best technology and cost options to the owner.”

As construction is currently underway, RLS-CMC is building out all agreed-upon components while monitoring all activities to make sure deadlines and schedules are met, which will continue until the closeout phase of the project. RLS-CMC will also provide training before the project concludes, plus deliver post-close out services to ensure everything is working as envisioned.

“At RLS-CMC, we’re proud to represent property owners with their large-scale undertakings. Nobody really represents the owner in the marketplace, and that’s a differentiator we can hang our hats on,” explained Sanchez. “We don’t represent the other companies that are trying to make money in the owner’s venue – there are no conflicts of interest – so the owner has peace of mind knowing that someone has their back.”

Since 2002, Chicago-based RLS-CMC, Inc. has partnered with venues, wireless service providers, neutral hosts, carriers, municipalities, and utilities across the United States. RLS-CMC delivers large-scale indoor and outdoor distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cell networks, on-time and within budget. For more information or to contact a representative, visit www.rls-cmc.com.


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