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The First to 5G | RLS-CMC, Inc.

The First to 5G

The race is on and RLS-CMC, Inc. is moving full speed ahead. Friday, June 15th RLS-CMC announced they have officially powered up the first ever 5G outdoor cell site in the nation in downtown Sacramento, CA, on behalf of their client. This particular carrier is in first place for the 5G race, beating all other carriers to 5G service. RLS is keeping speed, powering up four more cell sites on Tuesday, June 19th and it doesn’t stop there.

“I suspect we will have about 15 more on air within the month,” stated Amy Hodge, RLS-CMC’s OSP Director of Engineering & Construction.

RLS-CMC was a participant in a large team of highly qualified vendors along the way to 5G power. That being said, it is RLS’ proprietary scheduling and expertise with city inspectors and personnel, as well as, their close relationships with local contractors which saves their clients time and money while increasing coverage and capacity. With the number of cell sites they’ve already been awarded this year, RLS foresees a very busy year ahead.

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