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The First to 5G

The First to 5G The race is on and RLS-CMC, Inc. is moving full speed ahead. Friday, June 15th RLS-CMC announced they have officially powered up the first ever 5G outdoor cell site in the nation in downtown Sacramento, CA, on behalf of their client. This particular carrier is in first place for the 5G race, beating all other carriers to 5G service. RLS is keeping speed, powering up four more cell sites on Tuesday, June 19th and it doesn’t stop there. “I suspect we will have about 15 more on air within the month,” stated Amy Hodge, RLS-CMC’s OSP Director of Engineering & Construction. RLS-CMC was a participant in a large team of highly qualified vendors along the way to 5G power. That being said, it is RLS’ proprietary scheduling and expertise with city inspectors and personnel, as well

2017 is a Wrap!

2017 News  RLS-CMC, Inc. wraps up another successful year in 2017 with some especially notable projects. Omni Interlocken: Broomfield, CO Flowing slightly into 2018 was the completion of the Omni Interlocken Resort, located in Broomfield, Colorado. The Omni Interlocken measures 310,378 total sq. ft. RLS was able to complete the project to its entirety in an impressive three short months, installing a complex IDAS Spider Cloud deployment consisting of 50 service nodes (which include an internal antenna). However, no job is too complex for RLS-CMC. The installation was completed without taking any of the 390 rooms out service and minimizing disruptions to hotel guests and staff. Equipment rooms/IDFs were smaller than typical and the ceiling space was minimal requiring the technical expertise of the RLS team to install the equipment without damage. Summerlin Mall: Las Vegas, NV 2017 also wrapped

US Builders Review Features RLS-CMC, Inc.

US Builders Review Features RLS-CMC, Inc.RLS-CMC, Inc. (RLS) is honored to have been chosen from an elite group of top executives in the U.S. construction industry to be featured in US Builders Review, a business trade journal drawing out unique perspectives and insights to the advances and challenges of varied construction markets.This article provides a company profile, and case study highlighting the challenges RLS faced in its early years during the recession as an electrical engineer and construction consultant, and how DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) paved the way for RLS to raise the bar in construction management for indoor and outdoor installations.With the ongoing evolution of IT and the opportunities internet expansion has provided, this article analyzes the demand for uninterrupted wireless service within large venues to accommodate clients and carriers. As such, these demands resulted in several successful RLS


Delivering Premium Wireless Performance to Commercial Real EstateDenver, CO, September 15, 2016—RLS-CMC, Inc. successfully completed the network installation at four of the highest profile office buildings in the downtown Denver area; the iconic Cash Register Building, Dominion Towers, Cache Bank and Free Plaza. With a combined coverage space exceeding 3.1 million square feet, the multi-tenant Class-A office buildings demanded a well-coordinated, quality installation to meet the needs of their tenants and the expectations of all stakeholders. Over the course of twelve weeks, the RLS-CMC, Inc. team was able to concurrently complete installation of all four projects. The fast-track schedules were made possible by overlapping activities at all buildings to allow for a smooth transition and seamless completion of the occupied tenant spaces.These renowned office buildings were accompanied by a demanding high-profile clientele, that came with unique challenges to all aspects


Las Vegas, NV, September 9, 2015—RLS-CMC, Inc., a leader in construction management and owner’s representation, announced the completion of high-profile Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) within multiple hotels and resorts spanning the iconic Las Vegas strip. In an effort to increase guest satisfaction and stay ahead of competition, the leading hotels have separated themselves by installing DAS. The state-of-the-art networks will increase wireless capacity for all guests enhancing their overall experience at each property.A DAS installation consists of multiple strategically-placed antennas that distribute wireless network coverage throughout the resort’s hotel, providing more efficient management of wireless capacity in heavily-trafficked areas. DAS installation is configured to deliver coverage and consistent performance throughout the venue and will allow wireless carriers to maximize the experience for the over 40 million travelers visiting each year.“RLS-CMC, Inc. brings more than a decade of experience to managing,


Las Vegas, NV, September 8, 2015—RLS-CMC, Inc. successfully completed the DAS installation of another exemplary Las Vegas Hotel providing enhanced premium wireless coverage. The iconic hotel maintains an occupancy rate of nearly 100% on a year-round basis, which called for the installation to be complete while all rooms remained occupied. The RLS-CMC team was able to assess all possible impacts and put procedures in place to minimize the disruptions to the hotel’s guests. The completed DAS project will serve the hotel guests and provide an expanded network for the employees throughout the casino and guest’s rooms.“Tremendous demand for wireless access is changing the way the hotel industry does business. This is exponentially true in major Las Vegas venues, where occupancy runs at full capacity year round. It is no longer uncommon for guests to arrive with multiple devices—phones laptops, and


Las Vegas, NV, September 6, 2015—RLS-CMC, Inc. has successfully completed the install of an Extenet Systems-owned and operated Distributed Antenna System (DAS) within another Las Vegas strip hotel. The DAS network will support multiple wireless carriers, and will extend coverage throughout the hotel’s guest floors. Expensive existing finishes and ongoing hotel operations made for a challenging installation, the sort conducted exclusively by the industry’s top tier teams. Over the course of fifteen weeks, the RLS-CMC team was able to meet and exceed all expectations.“I am proud of what RLS-CMC has accomplished. We were challenged to construct a robust wireless network for the use of the four major wireless carriers, as guests and staff required coverage over every square foot of the Hotel. We knew the network would have to be capable of uninterrupted service for no less than four hours


Las Vegas, NV, February 5, 2015—RLS-CMC, Inc. successfully completed the DAS installation of the Paris and Bally’s hotel towers, with the typical schedule cut in half. RLS-CMC was able to complete what one Caesar’s executive called “impossible.”Both of the Las Vegas Strip casinos are consistently at maximum capacity throughout the year, while catering to the large amount of convention goers and tourists that the Las Vegas area attracts. Due to the high traffic nature of both venues, the schedule was compressed to accommodate the hotels and their guests. All tasks included in the installation became critical path activities and allowed zero room for error. The RLS-CMC team was able to rise to the challenge and complete the projects on schedule and, most importantly, satisfy their customers’ needs.“The real challenge was completing sixty-nine floors concurrently,” said President of RLS-CMC, Inc., Roger

RLS-CMC, INC. Completes Sheraton Network Updates In Time For Super Bowl XLIX

Phoenix, AZ, January 23, 2015—Local construction manager, RLS-CMC, Inc. completed network updates for carriers Verizon and AT&T at the downtown Sheraton ahead of this year’s Super Bowl festivities.The Sheraton Phoenix Downtown will host numerous Super Bowl related events in the run-up to this year’s game. Many league personnel will be staying for a week or more.“It is important that we provide our customers with the best possible experience at great events like the Super Bowl, and in great venues like the Sheraton hotel” said one senior deployment manager. “The men involved in this project installed the network the hard way, we’re pleased at what they have achieved, and all on time.”A team of RLS-CMC engineers and network experts ran into numerous budgetary and scheduling challenges as work progressed. These included an unrelated fire which led to a five day venue